Camp Curtis

We are so excited about Camp Curtis Lake 2021! Our staff has planned some great activities that include sports, arts & crafts, performing arts, outdoor living skills, team building, STEM and Bible time! We are confident that your child will learn new skills in a healthy and safe environment, meet new friends, learn to think critically and problem-solve, and build long-lasting relationships with other children and staff.

On-Site Activities

Here at camp, we offer five different activities every day, tailored appropriately to age, that teach a variety of skills. Those activity areas are:

● Sports: Children will have the opportunity to play games they love as well as learn new ones

● Arts & crafts: We want to help children express themselves creatively, as well as be introduced to proper and safe use of new tools

● Team-building: Children will have the opportunity to perform challenging tasks with peers

● Performing arts: An opportunity to explore and express new talents, such as singing, dancing, writing and performing skits, making musical instruments and writing poetry

● Outdoor living skills: Exploring nature in a safe environment and learning skills such as building forts and cooking food over a fire

● STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math): An opportunity for children to become creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors


1.) What steps are being taken to ensure my child’s safety? We follow the COVID guidelines set by the state of Maine for childcare and camps which may change throughout the summer.Kids and staff members will be screened upon arrival to the program. Staff and Campers will wear masks and social distancing is practiced whenever possible. We spend most of our time outside where campers and staff have frequent access to hand sanitizing stations.

2.) What should I expect during drop-off? Parents are not permitted into the building at this time. When you arrive, you will bring your child to the front entrance where a staff member will ask a series of questions related to possible Covid-19 exposure, and your child’s temperature will be taken. Following that, your child will be walked to their group.

3.) What should I expect during pick-up? When you arrive, pull to the front of the building and come to the front door.A staff member will greet you and call your child’s group so they can be escorted to you.

4.) Will my child receive help with sunscreen? Yes, in order to minimize contact, please send your child with aerosol sunscreen. If a child is unable to use aerosol sunscreen, they may use traditional sunscreen and will be encouraged to apply it themselves. If they need assistance, a staff member will help while wearing gloves.

5.) Will there be field trips or lake trips? Yes! We are planning a few local field trips this summer as guidelines allow.

6.) What is the procedure for a sick child? If your child develops symptoms, they will be removed from the group and will sit with a staff member in a separate space until they can be picked up. The child may return 72 hours after symptoms are gone.

7.) Does my child have to wear a mask? Yes, at this point the guidelines state that campers must wear a mask unless they are eating. We will continue to monitor guideline changes closely and will inform families of any change in the mask policy.

8.) What will the hours be for camp? Right now, due to the current guidelines, our hours are 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.
We will continue to evaluate this as the summer progresses.

Leadership Development Program

Curriculum includes:

● Team Building

● Group Management Skills

● Conflict Resolution

● Behavior Management

● Goal-Setting

● Communication Skills

● Career-Building Skills

Our Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity for students entering grades 7 & 8 to learn and practice the skills above. This is a 4-week program led by a dedicated staff member.

Participation in all 4 weeks is required to complete the program. Upon successful completion of the LDP program, these older campers can be invited to continue at cam as a CIT (Counselor in Training).

This program runs during Weeks 2, 3, 5 & 6 of Camp Curtis Lake.

Cost: $500


When and where do I drop my child off? Our doors open at 7:00am. When dropping your child off before 8:30am, you will sign them in at the front desk and bring them into the gym. After 8:30, the campers will be transitioning to the field for Opening Ceremonies and then transitioning to their activities. The front desk receptionist will help you determine where your child needs to be. Please drop your child off between 7:00am and 8:30am.

Should my child bring lunch? We are doing Sanford’s food program again this summer! Your child does not have to bring a lunch, however, if they do choose to do so, our policy states that it needs to be cold lunch. We cannot heat up or cook food in the microwave.

What should my child wear to camp? Children should wear weather-appropriate clothing as well as sneakers. We hold several activities throughout each day where sneakers are required. Children should also bring sunscreen and will have several opportunities throughout the day to reapply.

What should my child bring to camp? Children should bring sunscreen, a water bottle, a bathing suit/towel, and a change of clothes. They can, but are not required, to bring snacks. We STRONGLY advise that children DO NOT bring toys or electronics to camp. They are not allowed to carry them around throughout the day. They cause a distraction for the child and are open to getting lost or stolen.

When should I pick up my child? Our camp day runs until 4:00pm and extended camp runs until 6:00pm. Pick-up between these two times is preferred.

Can my child bring spending money on field trips? No. We ask that children not bring spending money on field trips.

What are your rates? Full-time (4-5 days): $190/week
Part-time (1-3 days): $145/week
Full Summer Rate (4-5 days, all 11 weeks): $1800 if paid by July 1st


Angela, parent of 6yo and 9yo campers "My kids have been going to Camp Curtis Lake for almost 5 years now, and they love it! It is great to know that their summer will be filled with fun activities and learning Bible stories. They get great care, and I never worry about their safety. I am proud to see them make great friends and grow with each year they spend at Camp Curtis Lake."

Jeni, parent of 11yo camper "My daughter has attended Camp Curtis Lake for the past 6 years & LOVES it! It’s been wonderful watching her friendships develop over the years, with the kids staying in touch throughout the school year until the next summer arrives. The program is well-organized, safe and engaging. The staff functions far beyond all expectations and have earned my trust 100%. Camp Curtis Lake is “THE” premier summer camp!"

Eddy, former camper "I’ve been to a lot of different camps and this one is the one I always come back to. The field trips are fun, crazy and different. The counselors are some of the best, they actively look for ways to help out the kids and try to make every day better."

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